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Cool Game

This game works well and looks great, and is pretty fun even if you play alone! 

(x2 fun with co-op, of course!)


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

wow first it looks great, even thouth it lags here a little bit. I think the game design is pretty well executed here as well since cooperation and fighting are very close together. Well done

Thanks Kai! I'm a bit concerned with the lag. It does lag for me on Firefox but not so much on Chrome. What browser were you using?

sadly chrome. I don't really know how that happend either since it's actually a good machine

you dont even need to use the other dog you can do this with just one dog


So bomb. Much cute. Very dog. 



I really like this game idea. It's a cool take on two-player snake with a tug-of-war twist.

One thing I found a bit tricky was that pressing the up/down arrow keys scrolls the web page wrapping it. Would it be possible to update it with a call to Phaser.Keyboard.addKeyCapture in Doggo.Game.prototype.create? That would prevent the page from scrolling, I think.

Otherwise, this is so cool! Great job!


Ah, thanks for pointing out that bug Daniel! Looks like it was only happening in Chrome (not Firefox). I also appreciate the tip on how to fix it, should feel much better now!

Feels great now! Thanks for fixing it so promptly. 😁