Control the weather as the mighty snakedragon & the rain spirit. Will you bring rain to the pious believers? Or be a benevolent God and bring rain to all? Or perhaps be an angry storm dragon and flood all the fields...

Made in 48 hours for the 2021 GMTK Jam. 


  • WASD/Arrow keys to move.
  • Push clouds by flying fast through them (holding W or UP)
  • Space to toggle the rain spirit
  • You cannot push clouds while the rain spirit is active

Game ends when less than 30 clouds remain. Use clouds for rain or push them outside of the village.

To perform a rain dance, both dragons' centers need to be flying very close for at least 3 seconds. Try making them both circle the same spot, or perform a figure-8 shape.

Too much rain will flood the farm.


Code by Omar Shehata.
Art by Celia S. Bode
Music & SFX by MacEnhizer.


O Mighty Snakedragon is a calming game about gathering clouds:

And dancing with the rain spirit within to bring rain to the village:

The theme for this game jam was "Joined Together".  We started out with an idea to join together pieces to create something larger. We thought about mashing sheep together...but that was kind of weird and grotesque to. So instead we thought of clouds!

This game relates to the theme both in that the main mechanic is to join together clouds to make it rain, and in that to perform the rain dance, you must control the snakedragon, and the "rain spirit" inside, both together, moving with symmetry, trying to achieve harmony to make it rain.

Initially you controlled the two dragons separately, but that was really hard. And it looked really cool when you could kind of move them together symmetrically. So we thought, why not make that the default way to move? 

This made it much easier to control, but also really fun just to move around and create different patterns.

We later decided to add the concept of "pious" villagers. Those that believe in the snakedragon and pray to it, and those that don't. Choosing to bring rain to these pious farms, marked by the idols in their land, or choosing to bring rain to all, brings about different ending scenarios.

We hope you enjoy soaring above the skies and dancing with the rain spirit. We appreciate you taking the time to play and any feedback you have!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorsomarshehata, MacEnhizer, Celia S. Bode
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, calm, Dragons, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, phaser, Short, Singleplayer, web
Average sessionA few minutes


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Awesome game! I got all 4 endings:
- Give either or both believer and non-believer a storm. (about 30 clouds of rain)
- Give nice rain (about 10 clouds) to believers only.
- Give nice rain non-believers only.
- Don't give rain and remove clouds by pushing them to corners.

In this game your pretty bad at doing your job, aren't you? I mean, there is literally no good ending.

Well,I got worshiped,and then they depended on me so much they stop working and died.

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                                      SKIP PAST THIS, SPOILER ALERT

                                         I   WARNED YOU, HERE IT IS:

on my first try i only favored those who prayed to me...  they relied on me too much and died

second try wasn't very different, i liked those without idols...  they stopped believing in me, and died

third try i drove away every cloud..  they starved

fourth try i gave everyone water... war ensued

am i a bad god? maybe i'm a god of chaos

man do i like this game 9.5/10, the zoom is a litte weird

I like it pretty nice

At first I thought "This is pretty but not very deep", then I discovered there are many endings and I was pleasantly  surprised. 

Also, is there a happy ending? TBH it would be kind of fun if there wasn't.


There is not! No matter what you do, the village gets destroyed.

Maybe it's some profound social commentary about the futility of life?

Maybe we were just very tired by the end... 😅

The hardest sad ending to come up with was what should happen if you deliver rain to only the "atheist" farms. People stop believing..but so what? well, I won't spoil it!

fast movement but overall good art i like it!

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Yeah, it also did seem to me that the dragons are just moving too fast. Turns out the movement depends on the refresh rate of the screen. Change it to 60Hz and you'll be able to play the game as it was intended.

cool clean look and conzept. i had problems with the zooming in and out of the camera and i would like a restart mechanik :).

" the once peacful vilage ...." made me laugh :D

Stuck after tutorial slides :/

What browser are you using?

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Chrome 90

(2 edits)

This is odd, I can't reproduce. Are you able to share a screenshot of the error in the browser console you're getting? You can also email me if it's easier ( or Discord (OmarShehata#1019).

Only thing I can think of is...I tried adding game analytics here. Maybe your browser is blocking that? Which is still a bug on our end because the game should still work without the analytics...

EDIT: does running in incognito work?

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Hmm, running in incognito doesn't help. Maybe it's because I'm using Chromium? I'll try firefox. Here's console error btw

Edit: Firefox doesn't work :/ 

Oh right i have uBlock, I'll try disabling it

Yeah this is unfortunately the game analytics failing to load, and the game failing to start because of it. 

I'm not sure why the analytics are failing to load for you, but the network tab may have more info on why that request is failing. I see here it's "ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT" which implies it's the ad blocker (is your ad blocker still running in incognito?)

I like the aesthetics! (didn't work on Firefox for some reason, but worked fine on Chrome)

Thank you! And thanks for reporting that, i wasn't aware.

Really like the music and the aesthetic.

Would love for you to try my game too.

Nice Chain body movement and Soundtrack :)

Thank you so much!! We're still working on finalizing the endings at the time of writing, but I'm glad you enjoyed the movement mechanic and the music!